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New HSE report on 28 maternity cases set to be published


The first specialist review of cases at Portlaoise’s maternity unity is set require further investigation and meetings with some of the women involved.

The report which centres on 28 of more than 170 complaints under investigation is also set to be published within days by the HSE. It is the first report to form a process which it is hoped will give families specific answers as to how infants may have died.

The report is the result of a study by six Irish obstetricians led by Dr Peter Boylan. It is also likely, according to a source, to lead to some women needing medical and psychological care because of what they had been through at Portlaoise hospital’s maternity unit.

The families who met the Minister for Health in Portlaoise last week were given an update on the progress of the review which was initiated after Prime Time revealed in February 2014 that five babies died at the hospital due to errors during deliveries. It is also understood that the findings could take significant resources and time further investigate.

All of the people subject to the review, which began last August, will be written to shortly inviting them to a meeting to discuss the outcome and implications. Scores of other parents are expected to be the subject of phase 2. Up to 70 medical files could be reveiewed.

This process is not expected to take as long as phase 1 but it does not take into account unreported incidents.

The process is oversee by a committee and the chief executive of the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group, Susan O’Reilly who visited Portlaoise Hospital last week and met patients afterwards. It is understood that she informed parents that a report arising from phase 1 of the review would be published.

Meanwhile, parents and the HSE will be in the Dáil today Tuesday (May 19) for separate meetings of the Joint Committee on Health.





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