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Bit2Me Closes Once Again the Second Phase of Its ICO in Just a Few Seconds: 7.5 Million Euros Raised, Bringing the Total to 15 Million

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MADRID, Sept. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bit2Me has closed the second phase of its initial coin offering (ICO) by reaching €7.5 million in just 47 seconds. This milestone comes after the success of the first phase, in which the company raised €5 million in less than a minute (59 seconds).

If we add these first two phases to the private sale that Bit2Me carried out at the beginning of last August, in which it raised €2.5 million, the Spanish cryptocurrency platform has already raised a total of €15 million with its B2M utility token.

Bit2Me now faces the third and final phase of its ICO, which will take place on September 21. Those interested in queuing up and scheduling their purchase can do so through the form available at

In the first two phases of the ICO, Bit2Me put into circulation 1 billion tokens —at a rate of 500 million in each phase. In this third and final phase, Bit2Me will launch a total of 250 million tokens, for a total of 1.25 billion B2M tokens.

Since the ICO started, Bit2Me has received such great interest that it has decided to open operations in 13 other countries, in addition to the more than 70 countries in which the company currently operates. Thus, people from Uruguay, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Dominica, Martinique, and Guyana can now purchase the B2M token.

B2M token holders have different benefits in Bit2Me’s suite of products, such as discounts of up to 90% on Bit2Me Wallet fees, access to better conditions in the various associated services, exclusive rewards, and the power to decide about certain aspects of the company’s future.

About Bit2Me

Bit2Me is an industry-leading company in the cryptocurrency sector in Spain. Its suite of services includes more than 20 solutions to buy, sell and manage virtual currencies and euros from a single place, safely and easily. The company, which has private, professional, and corporate clients in more than 100 countries, has managed operations worth more than €1 billion since its inception in 2015. In January this year, FORBES magazine selected Bit2Me as one of the companies in Spain that will drive change in 2021. Since its creation in 2015, the company has received numerous awards in the financial sector such as ‘Winners of the World’, in the international competition sponsored by Visa; ‘Best Spanish startup 2015’, by CaixaBank; and ‘Best Business Model’, awarded by Deloitte; and has been invited by the European Commission to present and discuss Blockchain and Bitcoin technology on multiple occasions.

One of Bit2Me’s first initiatives was the launch of Bit2Me Academy, which trains more than 1.7 million students every year. Bit2Me Academy is currently the largest cryptocurrency training portal in Spanish, with more than 400 free articles, certified courses, and videos for those interested in learning about the birth, operation and evolution of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain world.


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