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Bybit Unveils AI-Enabled Futures Martingale Bot to Optimize Trading Strategies and Lower Average Costs

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1. Automated Position Scaling: Adjusts investment size automatically based on market conditions for bigger profits.

2. Advanced Risk Management: Gives users control over risk exposure with specific ratios and automatic sell levels.

3. AI Recommended Strategy: AI analyzes historical data for 14 days to recommend the best trading approach.

4. High Accuracy: Recommendations are based on extensive data and advanced analysis.

5. Ease of Use: Activate the AI-recommended strategy with a single click, no complex setups required.

To celebrate the launch of the Futures Martingale bot, Bybit has prepared two exclusive events featuring a generous prize pool of 15,000 USDT. These events offer traders the opportunity to showcase their trading skills and win attractive rewards, further incentivizing engagement with the new bot.

Bybit offers a variety of trading bots to accommodate different market conditions and preferences. In addition to the Futures Martingale bot, users can access the Spot Grid bot which facilitates buying low and selling high in sideways markets. The DCA bot allows for autopilot investing in bullish and bearish markets. The Futures Grid bot enables multiplying earnings across all market conditions.

“We are constantly striving to innovate and provide powerful tools to help traders navigate the dynamic crypto markets effectively,” said Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit. “The addition of the Futures Martingale bot reflects our commitment to meeting traders’ evolving needs and reinforcing our position as a leading derivatives platform. Bybit remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions and fostering a supportive trading environment for its users.”


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