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Beko introduces eco-friendly appliances for a healthy planet

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Beko's innovative products reflect the brand's sustainability mission and use recycled materials, bio-composites and detergent saving technologies for sustainable living.


ISTANBUL, June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Beko, Europe's leading home appliance brand, believes that humans and the planet are interconnected. To raise awareness of Beko's sustainability mission, the brand held a virtual showcase of its eco-friendly appliances today with Arçelik's CEO Hakan Bulgurlu, CMO Zeynep Yalım Uzun and CCO Ragıp Balcıoğlu and with a special guest from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Brendan Edgerton, Circular Economy Director.

During the launch, Beko shared a Europe-wide survey on people's attitudes and concerns about sustainability, and unveiled seven sustainable products* including a washing machine/washer dryer, oven, tumble dryer, refrigerator, espresso coffee maker and dishwasher to help consumers reduce their impact on the environment. The study, which was announced at Beko's online showcase of seven eco-friendly home appliances, discovered that human environmental damage is perceived as the most critical threat to a sustainable planet by all respondents, followed by the plastic issue, then infectious diseases - which may not have even made the list if these questions were asked two years ago. Extreme weather comes next, followed by natural disasters, natural resource crisis, biodiversity loss, food waste and lastly water stress.

Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arçelik, Beko's parent company, said, "Our goals in sustainability and our leading efforts in innovation are two great parts of the same whole. Their evolution depends on each other. It is up to us to find better, more environmentally conscious ways of conducting our lives. With a series of eco-friendly Beko appliances, customers can now fully equip a sustainable home."

Arçelik's CMO, Zeynep Yalım Uzun added "Beko's brand purpose is empowering future generations to live healthier lives, which is only possible by living more sustainably and working towards a healthier planet. All of our actions and every product we use has an impact on nature. So, beyond this seven-product portfolio, we are eager to adapt our existing technologies to make all our appliances more environmentally friendly too. For Beko, this is only the beginning."

"At Beko, we are passionate about democratizing technology, making it affordable and ensuring that as many people as possible have access to it. By integrating sustainability into our business model and throughout everything we do, we strive to reduce human environmental damage by developing high-performance, durable, affordable home appliances that are also eco-friendly," said Arçelik's CCO Ragıp Balcıoğlu.

Products with recycled materials for the planet:

EcoTub Washing Machine & Washer Dryer**

EcoFiber Oven

GreenDry Tumble Dryer

Products with bio-composites for the planet:

BioCycle Refrigerator

BioCoffee Espresso Machine

Product that reduces chemicals:

AutoDose Dishwasher

*Product availability varies per market ** Current products available from the Çayırova Washing Machine Plant are 8-9-10 kg 1400-1600 rpm WM and 8/5kg & 10/6 kg WD. The target is to expand PET usage to other plants***The number of egg trays can change according to the model**** For lightly soiled dishes & gel detergent usage

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About Beko:

Beko is the international home appliance brand of Arçelik. It offers product lines that include major appliances, air conditioners and small appliances. Beko is the leading freestanding home appliances brand in Europe in the white goods sector and no.1 large home appliances brand in the UK. The brand FC Barcelona's main partner, naming partner of Fenerbahçe Men's Basketball Team and official supplier of European League of Legends Championship (LEC).

Beko has been focusing on healthy living for years, raising awareness and developing products that make healthy living possible and convenient. Now the brand mission is 'healthy living is only possible on a healthy planet'. Every action we take to be healthy depends on the planet's health as well. Beko is committed to protecting our Mother Earth by designing and manufacturing energy-efficient products and investing in resource efficiency in production. Beko encourages its competitors to follow suit.

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