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Tribute to Dutch football fans with light show in Budapest

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BUDAPEST, Hungary, June 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Last night Budapest was the scene of an impressive light show. At the initiative of the KNVB (Dutch Football Association) and the partners of the Dutch team, orange waves washed over the city, as a warm-up for things to come. It served as a tribute to the fans who, in their own country as well as abroad, are known to faithfully colour the streets orange in great numbers at every important occasion of the Dutch national football team. Approximately 7,000 fans are expected to be present in Budapest today to cheer for the Netherlands.


"The fans are in Budapest this weekend and this won't go unnoticed. The light show symbolises the way in which the Dutch fans have conquered hearts in the past with spectacular fan parades during final tournaments all over the world. A few months ago it still seemed unimaginable that we could be present here with thousands of fans, but it's amazing that we're still able to show our unique trademark to the entire world. The Dutch team connects people from all corners of society and, especially in the current climate, this is an extra beautiful thing to witness," says Gijs de Jong, secretary-general of the KNVB.

The Netherlands is playing against the Czech Republic from 6 pm this evening. Thousands of Dutch fans are expected at the Dutch fanzone in Budapest this afternoon. From this fanzone the Oranjefans will head in a fan parade to the stadium to support the team.

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