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Quantropi makes history by quantum-securely distributing true random numbers over vast distances using existing network infrastructure

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– Cybersecurity startup distributes Quantum Entropy as a Service worldwide, showcasing the transmission speed and scalability of its QiSpace™ platform

OTTAWA, ON, Aug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Quantropi, Inc., a Canadian quantum security solutions provider, announced today the impressive results of a high-profile demonstration of its patented SEQUR™ Quantum Entropy as a Service technology where strong random keys were created and then quantum-securely encrypted and distributed around the world, via today’s Internet. The demonstration was enabled by CANARIE, the federal partner in Canada’s National Research and Education Network (NREN), and its Alberta partner Cybera. CANARIE’s participation in the demonstration leveraged existing network infrastructure to support Quantropi’s solution and the evolution of the Canadian quantum ecosystem.

The results signal a radical shift in capability as compared to prevailing Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) methods.

The deployed configuration originated with the QiSpace™ Cloud server in Ottawa, Canada, and involved transmitting quantum entropy to Edmonton, Canada, and then to San Francisco and New York in the USA, London and Frankfurt in Europe, and finally ended almost 15,000 kilometers away in Singapore.

The demonstration achieved speeds in the megabits per second – as high as 100 Mbps to Edmonton. A complete comparative summary performance chart can be viewed here.

“Let’s translate these results to the business world,” said Michael Redding, CTO of Quantropi. “If a 32-byte AES key is the standard, we’re transmitting anywhere from just under 400,000 (Edmonton) down to 55,000 keys per second (Singapore). To get your head around this, Google – representing ten times the traffic of any other site on the planet – requires an estimated 64,000 32-byte keys per second. So just from our small beta server in Ottawa – pre-optimization – we can support anywhere in the neighborhood of one to six Googles per second. With every single key delivered as secure from any attack – classical or quantum.”

“Now compare that performance to conventional QKD,” Mr. Redding continued. “At 20 kilometres QKD can get to roughly 10 megabits, or half a Google – that’s already less than what we achieve at 15,000 kilometres. And beyond 100 kilometres QKD goes to zero; it cannot operate. So, what we are demonstrating here is a radical disruption, by quantum-securely distributing keys across huge distances, over any network. And that’s a game changer.”

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About QuantropiQuantropi, Inc., is a Canadian cybersecurity company that delivers novel, end-to-end quantum-secure data communication solutions. Learn more about Quantropi here.

About CANARIEEstablished in 1993, CANARIE is a non-profit corporation created to equip Canadian researchers, students, and startups to excel on the global stage. Learn more about CANARIE here.

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