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Xi stresses consolidating sense of community for Chinese nation

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– BEIJING, Aug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A report from CCTV+:

President Xi Jinping has stressed consolidating the sense of community for the Chinese nation and unswervingly taking the correct approaches with Chinese characteristics to handling ethnic affairs when he addressed the central conference on ethnic affairs. The conference, held in Beijing on Friday and Saturday.

Only through fostering a strong sense of community for the Chinese nation and all ethnic groups jointly safeguarding national security and social stability, can the infiltration and subversion of extremist and separatist thoughts be resisted and the aspiration of the people of all ethnic groups for a better life be fulfilled, Xi said.

Only in doing so can powerful ideological guarantees be provided for the prosperity and enduring stability of the Party and the country, he said, urging efforts to forge a community with a shared future for the Chinese nation with a higher sense of national identity and a stronger bond of attachment among the people.

All ethnic groups should be guided to always place the interests of the Chinese nation above anything else, with their consciousness of different ethnic groups serving the sense of community for the Chinese nation as a whole, Xi said.

Efforts should be made to see that the interests of all ethnic groups are realized in the process of the realization of the overall interests of the Chinese nation, Xi said.

Neither Han chauvinism nor local ethnic chauvinism is conducive to the development of a community for the Chinese nation, he stressed.

Xi called for promoting the use of standard spoken and written Chinese, protecting the spoken and written languages of all ethnic groups, and respecting and protecting the learning and use of spoken and written languages of ethnic minorities.

Xi underscored the need to facilitate the march of all ethnic groups toward socialist modernization. He also stressed encouraging exchanges and interactions among different ethnic groups.

Xi stressed improving the modernization of China’s governance system and capacity on ethnic affairs, calling for more efforts to resolutely prevent grave risks and hidden dangers in this field.

Ethnic separatism and religious extremism should be continuously eliminated, Xi said, highlighting the need to strengthen international anti-terrorism cooperation.



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