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Aquark Announces the InverPad® Pool Heat Pump Upgrade Plan to Create New Mode of Family Pools

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– FOSHAN, China, April 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Aquark Electric Limited is planning to upgrade its InverPad® technology to improve the scenario of four-season swimming in backyards for global customers. With a quieter sound level, higher energy efficiency and fashion shape design, the updated InverPad® is expected to release later in 2021 and will bring an all-round upgrade of pool heat pumps to create a new mode of family pools.

In the last few years, Aquark’s InverPad® Technology has achieved a lot to fulfill family pool experience. Since launching in 2017, Aquark’s first generation of InverPad® pool heat pump Mr. Silence has helped over 30,000 families upgrade their backyard pool to a stylish space for four-season swimming. Mr. Silence is the 1st Pad inverter pool heat pump in the pool heating industry. Unlike the previous heavy and humdrum designs, Aquark’s patented Mr. Silence stands out for its clean lines and smooth surface, introducing a fresh visual enjoyment of family pools.

Besides its creative appearance, Mr. Silence features ground-breaking progress in noise cancellation. Equipped with Mitsubishi compressors and DC brushless fan motors, the InverPad® Mr. Silence offers end-users peace and tranquillity. In the working status, it performs with a low sound level of 40dB (A) audible at 1-meter.

“One of my customers was amazed by Mr. Silence’s unexpected silent performance,” said Dražen Škrivanek, CEO of AquaChem, one of Aquark’s agents in Croatia. “He joked that he had thought Mr. Silence could magically heat the pool without turning it on. This is proof of its extreme silent operation.”

Moreover, Mr. Silence boasts an excellent environmental-friendly characteristic. Thanks to InverPad® Technology, Mr. Silence performs with low GWP and high COP (up to 16). As one of the most energy-efficient pool heaters, it was designed to reduce energy consumption and pool owners’ bills for a real green lifestyle.

To enhance customers experience, Aquark has introduced a new concept—GO DOUBLE, which suggests getting an InverPad® Mr. Silence with double heating capacity for your pool, and it will bring double swimming season, double energy-saving and noise reduction effects to optimize both users’ experience and cost.

With the upgrading of InverPad® technology, Aquark’s InverPad® pool heat pump solution is possible to take 4-season swimming enjoyment to the next level. Let’s wait and see.

About Aquark

Aquark, the Pad Inverter Creator, is a professional inverter pool heat pump manufacturer based in Guangdong, China. Founded around the innovative spirit, Aquark creates super silent and energy-efficient inverter pool heating solutions for global users.

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