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Design and Technology for Measuring Social Distancing and Behaviour: The Integrated Solution by Pininfarina and Blimp

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TURIN, Italy, June 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Design and technology at the service of preventive healthcare. Pininfarina, a benchmark for industrial design and mobility, now commits to the search for integrated, ready-to-use solutions for the post-Covid-19 era, entering into a strategic partnership with Blimp, a start-up specialising in artificial intelligence and part of e-Novia, the Milan-based ‘Enterprises Factory’.

Together, Pininfarina and Blimp offer a solution that integrates physical and digital design, technology and services to analyse people flows and so make it possible to verify and monitor the application of anti-Covid-19 containment measures in all indoor and outdoor settings: from public transport to airports and stations, from offices to production plants, shops and large-scale retailers.

Pininfarina will dress Blimp technology integrating into its architectural and industrial design proposals the Beat-19 solution developed by the Milan company. In addition, the Pininfarina Experience Design team will define the experience within public transport vehicles and spaces as well as interfaces dedicated to company personnel and end users. Blimp will be at Pininfarina’s side with its service offering enabled by hardware, sensor and platform technologies.

“Pininfarina shares Blimp’s vision regarding the health situation today and future developments in mobility sectors. Together we can offer a solution that perfectly meets the needs of the ‘New Normal’: designing new spaces (Architecture, Transportation, Retail) and equipping them with digital measuring systems,” – Pininfarina CEO Silvio Angori.

“Our partnership with Pininfarina is an extraordinary union between Italian design and technology. An important step towards the creation of sustainable and intelligent urban environments, permeated by micro-services enabled by AI technologies and dedicated to improving well-being and quality of life,” – Blimp founder Alex Buzzetti.

Beat-19 is a solution able to monitor the flow of people – with full respect for privacy – and ensure that measures to contain the spread of the virus are applied. Beat-19 makes it possible in real time to detect excessive groups of people in public spaces and induce them to disperse by way of acoustic signals; monitor queues of people outside a building or at bus stop; measure body temperature and the use of face masks; record the application of security measures, especially social distancing. The technology consists of a sensor for the detection of data and a cloud platform so that the data can be viewed and notifications of critical situations managed.


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