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Dole Packaged Foods Takes Action To Address Global Food Accessibility Challenge

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Taking action on its promise to make nutritious foods accessible for 1 billion people by 2025, Dole introduces Sunshine for All program in one of America’s largest food deserts: Jackson, MS

JACKSON, Mississippi, Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Delivering on “The Dole Promise” and to address the global food insecurity crisis that has escalated with the COVID-19 pandemic, Dole Packaged Foods today announced the Sunshine for All program, dedicated to bringing fresh and packaged produce, nutritious meals and educational opportunities to communities that need it the most. Dole chose Jackson, MS—a city with one of America’s largest food deserts and only one grocery store for every 10,000 residents—to kick-start this program.

Access to healthy food is a global challenge and one that impacts thousands of U.S. cities and over 40 million people nationwide. This crisis has been further exacerbated by the growing problem of income disparity and, more recently, the coronavirus pandemic. The lack of access to full-service grocery stores, farmers’ markets and other vendors that sell nutritious fruits and vegetables has created food deserts and food swamps across the country. Food deserts are defined as areas that have limited access to affordable and nutritious food. On the contrary, food swamps are areas with an abundance of fast food restaurants, convenience stores and liquor stores that primarily sell junk food.

“Our program goes beyond donations to address the critical challenges of accessibility and affordability, as well as nutrition education in communities around the world,” said Pier Luigi Sigismondi, President of Dole Worldwide Packaged Foods. “Jackson will serve as a blueprint for how we’re going to tackle these challenges in other food deserts using a hyper-local model. Together with partners, we’re building a foundation that will drive systemic change within individual communities and our society at large.”

In fact, consumers can nominate a city as Dole’s next Sunshine for All location. To enter, send an email to or post using #SunshineforAllYOURCITY via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook telling Dole what city should be should be the next stop.

Selections will be made by Dole based on need (access to fresh foods, status as a food desert or food swamp), number of posts using the hashtag and mentioning your city and quality of entry (did it address why, creativity). The second Dole Sunshine for All destination will be announced on Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020.

Sunshine for All in JacksonJackson was selected because the city has only 20 grocery stores, and of those stores, less than 5 percent stock locally grown fresh produce. In contrast, there are 70 fast food restaurants, 60 convenience stores, and 150 gas stations that primarily sell unhealthy options.

To mark the program launch, Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba has proclaimed today Sunshine for All Day in Jackson. Along with the mayor, Dole has partnered with local chefs and organizations including the Boys and Girls Club of Central Mississippi, Up in Farms, The Urban League, Smoothie King and Foot Print Farms to creatively tackle the challenge of getting nutritious foods into underserved areas in Jackson. Key program elements include:

For more information on the program and how to get involved, visit or join Dole today at 12:15 pm ET for a Facebook Live discussion with Chef Nick Wallace. Tune in at

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