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Dreame Launches Huge Discount Offers on AliExpress Double 11 Shopping Festival

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 10, 2020 PRNewswire/– Leading smart home technology brand, Dreame Technology (Dreame), recently announced plans for promotion during the upcoming Double 11 shopping festival on AliExpress. On November 11 and 12, the company will be offering its biggest sale of the year on AliExpress, starting with an up to 49 percent discount on top-selling vacuum cleaners including the V11, V10, V9P, XR, and F9.

The Dreame V11 cordless vacuum is a powerful addition to any home with a 90-minute runtime, aviation-level high-speed motor, an all-in-one OLED display, and a 7-stage noise reduction. The vacuum can clean the entire house easily with its 3000mAh battery, providing vacuum power of 150AW and suction that reaches up to 25000 Pa, plus multiple accessories designed for use in any situation including cleaning up hair, grainy materials, and even iron nails.

The ergonomic design of the 1.5-kilogram V11 makes it easy to dismantle and change out the different brushes. The model uses washable filters and roller brushes that are effective and sustainable, and the dust container can be emptied with a single press of a button.

The Dreame V9P is a more economically efficient choice. The model offers a 60-minute run-time, has a high-speed motor of 100,000RPM, and suction power of 120AW. The motor’s position in the rear makes operating the vacuum easier, being more convenient to push, pull, and lift.

The Dreame XR is another powerful handheld vacuum with 4-motor direct drive, an intelligent system, strong suction power, and long battery life.

During the Double 11 flash sale, there will be up to a 35 percent discount on the V11 model, with prices starting from USD $279.49 (originally USD $424.99), and up to 49 percent discount on the Dreame V9 starting from USD $146 (originally USD $287.49). The Dreame XR will be also available starting from USD $199.49, reduced from the original price of USD $349.99.

For more information on the Double 11 sale, please visit Dreame’s official AliExpress store:

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Established in 2015, Dreame Technology, an innovative brand with the vision to enhance global users’ quality of life, focuses on high-performance cleaning appliances by leveraging astrodynamics technologies.

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