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Facebook and Adjust on the Global App Economy: Gaming and Entertainment Top Growth Verticals

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Growth report enables marketers to target and retain their highest-value users in verticals across the app economy

SAN FRANCISCO, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Adjust, the global app marketing platform, released today its second global Mobile App Growth Report, in collaboration with Facebook*. Charting app growth and retention trends in 2020, the report demonstrates the extraordinary resilience of the app economy, with the strongest growth in APAC, MENA and South America. Gaming is the world’s fastest-growing vertical, led by Argentina, while India tops the charts as the fastest-growing region.

Using its own Growth Score, Adjust created a global map to highlight mobile app trends outside big, mature markets — showing app marketers where the highest growth potential can be found.

“Now more than ever, mobile marketers need a roadmap to identify just the right users, in just the right locales, at just the right points in their journey,” said Andrey Kazakov, Chief Operations Officer of Adjust. “Adjust’s data, coupled with Facebook’s insights into user preferences and actions, enables marketers to target and retain their most highest-value users.”

Highlights on standout verticals and regions include:

Equipped with these insights, marketers can architect an effective strategy around markets where they can grow their apps most successfully. More importantly, they can create hyper targeted and personalized customer experiences.

“The mobile app is truly a global business. It’s easy to start because of the low barrier to entry, but also easy to fail if you do not understand the markets and users well,” said Bryan Wang, Director of Marketing Science, Greater China Region & Gaming at Facebook. “The data and insight in the Mobile App Growth Report can help app advertisers identify their new market entry strategies and enable the winning tactics effectively.”

For additional findings, download the full report here, or read more on the Adjust blog here.


The Adjust Mobile App Growth Report, supported by Facebook, draws on data from 25,000 apps released on the App and Google Play Stores in 2019 and 2020 combined, across nearly 250 countries and 12 industry verticals to reveal how well the apps have performed. The Growth Score is calculated by dividing the total app installs per month by the number of monthly active users (MAU) for each vertical and country in the Adjust dataset to reveal the rate of growth from installs relative to the MAU base.

*All data comes solely from Adjust’s platform, and no Facebook data was utilized in any way for this report.

About AdjustAdjust is a global app marketing analytics platform committed to ensuring the highest privacy and performance standards. Adjust’s solutions include attribution and measurement, fraud prevention, cybersecurity, as well as automation tools. The company’s mission is to make mobile marketing simpler, smarter and more secure for the more than 50,000 apps working with Adjust.

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