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German MECOTEC Group launches one-stop-solution for deep-freeze, transport, storage and distribution for COVID-19-Vaccines with its first Mobile Hybrid Container

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·  Transport and storage of up to 1,000,000 vaccination doses with low temperatures down to -80°C/-112°F

·  Active deep cooling technology ensures safe and controlled transport and storage

BITTERFELD-WOLFEN, Germany, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Vaccine manufacturers, transport and storage providers are facing major challenges in the fight against the coronavirus. MECOTEC Group has announced a complete-one-stop-solution consisting of: 1. Deep-freeze cooling + 2. Transport + 3. Storage & distribution of the vaccines: Immediately after production, the vaccine is frozen in a deep cold storage and then loaded into a container, transported afterwards safely to the distribution center at constant temperatures down to – 80°C / -112 °F. On site, the transport container then functions as a storage and distribution center. It is supplied via a three-phase power connection with 400V.

“Our many years of experience in the field of cooling technology made it possible within a very short timeframe to develop the transport, storage and distribution container,” explains Jan Hüneburg, Managing Director at COOLANT, the industrial division of MECOTEC.

“We are pleased that today we can present our Mobile Hybrid Container Solution for the transport and storage of Covid-19-Vaccines globally,” states the CEO of MECOTEC Group Enrico Klauer. “Since our system is based on an active deep freezing technology, it does not require dry ice for cooling which makes it also suitable for safe carriage by air.”

The complete solution developed by the MECOTEC Group can be used worldwide. “It is our aim to get the vaccine to the people as soon as possible. Therefore we offer several options: Orders for container production can be placed at MECOTEC directly and at our worldwide sales offices. In addition we also offer licensed production,” says Klauer.

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