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Gyeonggi Province to enhance post-COVID-19 quality of life with “untact” initiatives

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SUWON, South Korea, July 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Gyeonggi Province announced the introduction of “untact” initiatives in preparation for a post-COVID-19 era, allocating USD 43.4 million over the next two years.

Under the vision of “Untact Society Improving Quality of Life Through Leading Responses,” the initiatives are implemented to foster an untact society in which: all enjoy convenience in daily life; all are happy; and the local economy is revitalized.

First, to foster an untact society in which all enjoy convenience in daily life, a “tagless” bus fare payment system is piloted. It detects a passenger’s smartphone signal via a Bluetooth receiver and automatically processes payments. It trial runs a “one-pass” system through which people can use a smartphone app to open front doors and call elevators. Besides, the Gyeonggi Online Lifelong Learning Knowledge (GSEEK) system, a video education service that enables real-time communication, is strengthened.

Second, to create an untact society in which all can be happy, educational content for the digitally vulnerable is reinforced. For students living in low-income households and in areas with limited access to arts and physical education, one-on-one matching with college students is offered to promote customized remote mentoring. In addition, “drive-in theaters” are run, through which people can enjoy performances or watch independent movies from the comfort of their cars. Furthermore, residents can utilize a free service through which they borrow and return books from the convenience of their homes, while IoT devices are provided to senior citizens living alone so that they can engage in conversation, ask for emergency assistance, and avoid the possibility of a solitary death.

Third, to revitalize the local economy, an integrated job matching system is run so that residents can find remote-based employment opportunities. For traditional market merchants and small business owners, online integrated shopping malls are created to provide online sales channels, while online video consultation and interpretation services are offered to small and medium-sized companies. To strengthen the competitiveness of farmers, “drive-thru” vending and delivery systems are established, and environment-friendly agricultural product packages will be developed.

Governor Lee Jae-myung said, “Untact culture is a trend of the new world, one that will continue even after COVID-19. We continue to consider what we should and can do in this new era to create a sustainable Gyeonggi Province.”


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