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More Approachable Pen Displays – Huion Kamvas Series Introduces 11.6- and 15.6-Inch Displays

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SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Huion released another two pen displays of its Kamvas series for more digital drawing hobbyists to express and share their creative ideas. The recently released Kamvas 12 and Kamvas 16(2021) are counterparts of Kamvas Pro 12 and Kamvas Pro 16 respectively, for beginners and students of digital drawing.

While Kamvas series pen displays developed by Huion come with a wider range of color options and a more user-friendly product design, the biggest reason that they have garnered such great attention is their performance at an affordable price. Along with the new Kamvas 12 and Kamvas 16(2021), Kamvas 13, Kamvas 22 and Kamvas 22 Plus are all products of the Kamvas series that have been released and won the praise of digital artists around the world.

Both Kamvas 12 and Kamvas 16(2021) come in more than one color. Besides cosmo black, Kamvas 12 is also available in starfish orange, while Kamvas 16(2021) comes in twilight blue, which is enabled by the ABS plastic applied to the back shell of the product, and ABS is widely known as environmentally friendly and scratch resistant. Since the screen is fully laminated and anti-glare thanks to a matte film attached to the surface, reflection and parallax on the screen are minimized, while the drawing experience is improved in a more pen-on-paper way. The PW517, the digital pen that comes with the Kamvas series, enables 8,192 pen pressure levels, a favorable report rate, as well as tilt recognition of ±60 degrees.

With Kamvas 12 and Kamvas 16(2021), Huion Kamvas series is now available with 11.6 inch and 15.6 inch pen displays along with the 13.3 inch and 21.5 inch displays released earlier. More sizes and models will be announced as Huion is determined to power the dreams of digital artists across the globe. For further details and questions of Huion Kamvas series products, please visit or send an email to

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