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Secure World launches “COVID19-Guard”, a non-contact, walkthrough-type security solution.

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SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As COVID-19 soars across the world and the untact culture spreads, the need for an non-contact system is also rising. To adapt to the new normal, one needs to understand how the non-contact solutions work and how it can be utilized in the pandemic.

Korea has created “K-quarantine” syndrome by demonstrating its superior ability to fight COVID-19. Drive-thru and non-contact systems especially received wide attention, which are reflected in Secure World’s COVID19-guard,a new quarantine solution.

Secure World( provides an AI-based solution and contributes to the prevention of the virus by promoting the untact culture, the key concept of K-quarantine.

COVID19-guard is a walk-thru product that can recognize multiple data simultaneously and accurately; it also does not require someone to stand or interact with the machine.

The automated, unmanned COVID19-guard uses the Artificial Neural Network algorithm to build a machine learning model through repeatedly recognizing, collecting, and sorting data. Moreover, it recognizes non-mask wearers while it recognizes people; the screen will identify the person along with the audio instruction to reinforce the use of masks and to build a safe environment.

As the number of confirmed cases rises 50 million across the world and the death toll soars past 10,000, Korea is successfully maintaining its case below 100. While the K-quarantine is receiving wide acclaim, it is too early for the world to let their guard down.

Facing a second wave of COVID-19, Europe is highlighting the success of K-Quarantine. While the mask mandate and the success of K-quarantine products amidst the global economic setbacks demonstrate accomplishments, the wide understanding of viruses played significant roles in preventing an outbreak.

Secure World staff wished that the world and Korea could return to the new normal without COVID-19, and fast economic recoveries of the corporates and nation to welcome the post-COVID-19 world. “We will do our best to help the world with COVID19-Guard, which is built on the outstanding infrastructure of K-quarantine and technology”, added the staff.


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