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The Renmin University of China Business School’s Executive Education Programme Ranks First in Asia and 11th Globally in the 2020 FT Executive Education Rankings

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The Renmin University of China Business School (Renmin Business School) ‘s Custom Executive Education programme rank improves again in the Financial Times’ global rankings.

BEIJING, May 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On May 11, 2020, the Financial Times 2020 Executive Education Rankings was released, announcing Renmin Business School’s Custom Executive Education programme at 11th globally and number one in Asia.

The Financial Times Executive Education Rankings are considered the authoritative source and list on global Executive Education. This year 85 schools entered. The rankings are measured by fifteen standards, of which Renmin Business School placed in the top ten for five of the measurements – including student follow-up, school partnerships, value for money, new skills and learning and future collaboration. For the full rankings please visit here.

The Dean of Renmin Business School Jiye Mao says, “Our world-class Executive Education programme’s competitive rank by the Financial Times demonstrates the Business School’s commitment to excellence and leadership.  We pride ourselves in ensuring our research and innovation is geared towards practical application and is a path that leads to serving our students and community better. As we move into the future, with a mindset oriented towards a digital-first economy and industries, I’m confident that our Executive Education programme will continue to innovate and blaze a trail within China and on a global stage.”

Renmin Business School is China’s first and highest-ranking Executive Education school.  It has jumped in the global rankings at an impressive speed, from the first time it entered in 2014 placing 49th globally, to 13th in 2018 and now this year nearly making it into the top ten globally.  The programme’s steady international recognition can be credited towards its focused attention on providing excellent preparation material for incoming students, curriculum design, course content, teaching quality, and follow-up with each graduating class.

In recent years, the University has further advanced its core competencies and applied learning capabilities.  Attention to digital transformation and organizational restructuring are among the top new course offerings. The programme’s flexible yet rigorous approach to learning, guarantees that mid-level to senior leaders enrolled in the course, are ready upon graduation to lead within China and at the world’s Fortune 500 businesses.

The programme’s mission is also to be the world leader in advancing and teaching Chinese management and organizational best practices, further contributing to a greater global understanding of China’s business leadership, where it has previously been lacking.

About Renmin University of China Business School Executive Education Programme

The Executive Education programme is hosted within the business school, Renmin University of China. Its unique approach to learning integrates the best of western and Chinese management philosophies and practices. Through rigorous and applied learning, the programme equips every executive with the knowledge to lead and the power to change the world. For more information, please visit


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