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Hohem iSteady X - The Next Dark Horse to Lead the Smartphone Gimbal Industry

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SHENZHEN, China, May 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Everyone is trying to make better Smartphone Gimbal. Today, for most companies, this means a lightweight stabilizer. The same goes for Hohem's iSteady X.


Hohem introduced a very attractive feature for its iSteady X: by maintaining the Pro stabilization of the 3-axis system, it greatly reduced its weight to only 259 grams, and increases the payload up to 280g.


Eliminate Shaking

Hohem's stabilizer has an all-new folding design and locking mechanism, which can provide better stabilization for videos and take up less space. In general, high motion videos and shaky movements can destroy the content, especially for smartphone users. That is why more users choose to have an advanced mobile gimbal to handle the shaky movements and obtain the improved quality of the video. Due to the range of movement, there is no guarantee to get smooth content with a simple handheld stick or with bare hands. Therefore, the best way is to use a high-end gimbal just like iSteady X and completely change the way of making videos.


In terms of flexibility, Hohem continues to improve its smartphone gimbal technology with the launch of iSteady X. By greatly reducing the weight of the stabilizer, iSteady X still has excellent handling features with 3-axis. Meaning that the users can flip, film and shoot video thanks to the pan motor designed with rotatable 3-axis system. Most importantly, iSteady X also gives users the flexibility of a wearable gimbal for situations such as climbing and riding. In addition, the Smart iSteady X works with IOS or Android systems.

iSteady 3-Axis System

The 3-axis 'active' system: Tilt, Roll and Pan. The 3-axis system in the gimbal helps to set the camera in a stable position. With this, users are easily able to capture smooth videos.

Although there are various gimbals available on the market, Hohem has not only achieved its technology upgrade, but also improved the user experience: making it an easily used device. For those who love video shooting, iSteady X is an excellent choice.

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