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International Tech Platforms Open Up To Independent Scrutiny

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LONDON, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Around the world, lawmakers are grappling with how to make digital spaces safer and fairer. In 2018 senior academics came together with international business and civil society leaders to develop a new way to advance digital responsibility.


The result will help regulators better understand the issues, and companies demonstrate accountability and leadership.

The year-long independent review, with the participation of the BBC, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Popjam (part of SuperAwesome/Epic Games), Tinder and Meetic (both Match Group companies), looked at how organisations take decisions about online content.

The Internet Commission's first accountability report demonstrates that large organisations can open themselves up to independent scrutiny and benchmarking of content moderation processes, in a collaborative way and across borders.

Jonny Shipp, the Internet Commission's Executive Chair, explains: "We looked at how organisations take decisions that mitigate the impact of digital services on individuals and society. The processes are often shrouded by complex regulation and sophisticated technologies. We shed light on how organisational culture and governance directs and reflects power and freedom online, offering independent evaluation to advance digital responsibility, corporate accountability and smart regulation."

The Internet Commission is now expanding, having secured additional reporting partners.

"The very act of explaining processes openly to an independent body helps to build trust and point out where improvements can be made."

-  William Perrin OBE, Carnegie UK Trust.

"The Internet Commission asked the right questions and understood the issues that threaten child safety online."

-  Rebecca Newton, Head of Trust and Community, SuperAwesome

"This effort advances the dialogue about what tech companies must do to keep online communities safe. Match commends the Internet Commission for its leadership."

-  Jared Sine, Chief Legal Officer, Match Group.

"The Internet Commission is illuminating industry practices of content moderation, taking forward transparency and public oversight in important ways."

-  Prof. Sonia Livingstone OBE, London School of Economics.

"Until now there has been insufficient attention to designing mechanisms that evaluate organisational efficacy in achieving an appropriate balance between opportunities and risks."

-  Prof. Christopher Hodges OBE, University of Oxford.

"The Internet Commission's maturity model is very helpful in assessing how platforms address online safety, and the tools and processes they deploy against cyberbullying."

-  Dr Tijana Milosevic, MSCA Elite-S Fellow, National Anti-Bullying Research Centre, Dublin City University.

Accountability Report 1.0 available at

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