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GAC Group achieves breakthrough in graphene-based fast-charging battery technology, vehicle model Aion V equipped with the new battery to start production in September

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- GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- All over the world, new energy vehicles have become a key solution for low-carbon travel, but battery technology has always restricted the development and widespread use of electric vehicles. In recent years, graphene, a new material with excellent electrical conductivity, has been the key to breakthroughs in battery technology.


Recently, GAC Group announced a major achievement in battery technology. The graphene-based super-fast-charging battery has made breakthrough progress and has now entered the phase of actual vehicle testing. Aion V, the first vehicle to be equipped with the battery, is undergoing winter testing and is initially scheduled for mass production in September this year.

Graphene initially cost up to a few hundred dollars per gram, and was thus called "black gold". At the "2020 GAC Tech Day" held in July, GAC Group demonstrated its 3DG (three-dimensional graphene) production technology with independent intellectual property rights, solving the issue of high costs of graphene. The simple, stable, and efficient production method reduces costs to only one-tenth of the conventional method.

After achieving low-cost and large-scale production of graphene, GAC Group has also made major breakthroughs in the downstream application of its use. Among them, the electric vehicle industry is most interested in the graphene-based super-fast-charging battery. This graphene-based battery has a 6C fast charge capability, combined with a 600A high-power charger, can be recharged to 80% capacity in 8 minutes. The battery has also passed the most stringent safety test - Battery Shooting Test, possessing quality and reliability of the highest standard.

This graphene-based battery technology is an industry leader. It will significantly shorten charging time, as well as greatly extend battery life, solving the current "pain points" of pure electric vehicles. The good news is that this battery technology has come out of the laboratory into real-world production. Aion V, the first vehicle model equipped with this graphene-based battery, has entered the mass production testing phase.

GAC Group's strategic planning and proactive approach in the field of advanced technology will provide strong support for the global expansion and development of its own brand GAC MOTOR. It is not difficult to predict that with multiple innovative technologies under its belt, GAC MOTOR will be empowered to continue creating a high-quality, high-tech, and pleasant driving experience for consumers.

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