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The Real-Time Moving Show on the Screen "Showtap" App Launch

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SEOUL, South Korea, March 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- EnableWow ( launched a new presentation&show maker app "Showtap" that can make movable contents appear on the screen with just one touch. Showtap allows users to insert any content that they want anywhere on the slide and to show the hidden contents whenever they want with a simple touch.


The Showtap app for iPad version was launched in December 2019, which received great attention and expectation from the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2020 in January. EnableWow decided to open the app for all devices based on reactions from CES. Showtap is available for all devices including iOS and Android for free.

Showtap has created "Movable Hyperlink Trigger" that allows users to create and insert contents into the slide. Movable hyperlink triggers and contents such as images, videos, webpages, etc., and can be inserted anywhere the users want on a slide or an image. The inserted contents can appear and disappear at a user's fingertips. The revealed contents can be moved and resized freely on the screen.

More than one content can be inserted in one trigger and users can show different contents at the same time with a simple tap. Showtap can show multiple contents on a slide simultaneously for comparison. This function was not available in all the other major presentation apps such as PPT, Keynote, and Prezi.

In particular, with the Showtap video recording function, it is easier for users to create innovative videos that are difficult to make even with professional video editing programs. YouTubers and social media influencers will find a brilliant and surprising experience and value like never before.

The EnableWow CEO said anyone who has ever used Showtap will be fascinated by its charm and emphasized the fancy design, intuitive UI and world's first functions of Showtap. EnableWow is also working out for its value chain extension into B2B including web, commerce, education, advertisement and digital signage.

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