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InferVision AI Assists the European Commission Monitoring COVID-19 Variants

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– WIESBADEN, Germany, Aug. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — InferVision AI has been selected to help monitor COVID-19 variants across the European Union. Faced with this challenge, the European Commission decided to increase their investment in the adoption of AI tools from InferVision. InferVision’s AI tools have been used to enhance the detection of COVID-19 and improve the treatment of patients by the European Commission since April 2020; and hospitals in Belgium, Estonia, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands have reported strong benefits from the use of this AI application.

InferVision’s AI applications have been developed to assist clinicians by quickly and accurately analyzing signs of pulmonary infections from regular chest CT images. These images are processed to indicate ground-glass opacity and high tissue density, which are key findings of viral pneumonia caused by the coronavirus. If these findings are present, an alert is provided immediately to staff allowing potential COVID-19 patients to be prioritized. The system also provides priors’ comparison, allowing clinicians to monitor the progression of the disease over time, helping them to deliver better treatment plans.

Sun Yipeng, Director of InferVision Europe commented, “Many of us have lost loved ones in the pandemic. The medical world has devoted its resources in this critical effort and we are honored to be able to provide advanced technology to help alleviate the workload at the frontlines. We believe that the use of AI in these efforts will serve to better mankind worldwide.”

The selection process of the European Commission is based on three criteria: 1) technical excellence and the maturity of the technology, 2) the ability to make service available to selected hospital quickly, and 3) feasibility of the proposed plan to install the system in the targeted number of hospitals. InferVision has fulfilled all criteria with high standards.

The European Commission has obtained useful information on the use of AI-powered image analytics in the context of the progression of the COVID-19 disease in the lungs, and the extension of the contract is expected to provide additional robust evidence on the benefits of the use of AI in healthcare.

About InferVision

InferVision is a leading, global high-tech enterprise in medical artificial intelligence; empowering clinicians with higher efficiency and benefiting patients with better diagnosis, treatment outcomes and lower costs. InferVision uses AI and deep learning technologies to develop multiple platforms; including an AI applications management platform, an AI data-mining research platform, and several AI clinical applications, as well as medical A.I. systems for quality control, health management, and scientific research. InferVision provides advanced, intelligent, services to payors, providers, and patients, truly embodying “Advancing Technology, Inspiring Healthcare.” For more information: or Mr. Sun Yipeng,


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