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Premium Networks Build Differentiated Competitiveness for Carriers

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SHENZHEN, China, July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei hosted the “Premium Networks, Better Digital World” session at Better World Summit 2020. During this online session, global carriers, IDC analyst, and Huawei discussed how carriers can differentiate their services and improve networks to ensure businesses thrive.

Differentiated networks will be a competitive edge for carriers

The rapid digitalization of the ICT industry, along with the wider deployment of 5G, growth of online education during the recent global health epidemic, and public cloud, have put greater pressure on network infrastructure. Gary Lu, President of Huawei’s Network Marketing & Solution Sales Dept, said: “Industrial digitalization will accelerate in the next 5 years, and individuals, homes, and enterprises will also be more demanding of the services they receive. We think it’s better for carriers to replace best-effort services with differentiated services that have guaranteed SLAs. That’s how they can monetize network values and stand out from competitors.”

Matt Eastwood, Senior Vice President of IDC, delivered a speech on the topic of “Digital Transformation and Its Impact of Scale and Automation”. He stated that carriers should plan and build future target networks based on the key architecture index (KAI) model to prepare for industry digital transformation.

Embracing F5G, Fiber is Gold Future

Richard Jin, President of Huawei’s Transmission and Access Network Product Line, said: “Fiber is gold. Fiber is future. Fiber to everywhere. Optical connectivity underpins optimal service experience. Huawei’s AirPON solution helps mobile carriers efficiently build FTTH networks to deploy ubiquitous optical connections. eAI ONTs and OLTs  with distributed intelligence increases carriers’ revenues and reduce churn rate by ensuring optimal E2E experience of home services. OTN premium private line solution improves the quality of connectivity for many enterprises with premium networking and cloud services, and helps the carriers to better address enterprise market.”

Lv Pin, Vice President of China Telecom Anhui, shared some use cases of premium Wi-Fi and e-guarding for smart homes. Meanwhile, Cai Weiwen, Board Director and Vice President of China Mobile Guangdong, shared all-optical innovations and commercial use cases of Cloud VR, optics TV (OTV), OTN premium private networks, and 5G services for high-speed trains. These technologies combine to build a better communication platform for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

All-service intelligent IP network with guaranteed SLAs

IP networks are at the heart of the 5G and cloud era and need to support high-quality all-service transmission. Kevin Hu, President of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, said: “In the 5G and cloud era, the IP network needs to achieve high bandwidth and availability, going beyond the best-effort consumer transport network to become a production transport network with guaranteed SLAs. Accordingly, Huawei is launching NetEngine 8000 series routers designed for an IP network featuring ultra-broadband, intelligent connectivity and O&M. This will meet the 5G service requirements during enterprise cloudification, thereby boosting the business growth of carriers.”

Luo Rui, Vice President of China Telecom Ningxia, spoke about applying Huawei’s intelligent IP private line solution into FIRST private networks for government, healthcare, and education users, implementing seamless connection between high-quality networks and clouds. Faruk Ekici, Head of Turkcell’s Transport Network Planning, talked about the construction of a converged and programmable 5G-ready IP transport network, and looked into further leadership with next-generation IP technologies.

iMaster NCE accelerating FBB network autonomy for agile business

We are heading to a fully connected, intelligent world. Network automation and intelligence are indispensable for premium experience and all-service transmission. David Lu, President of Huawei’s General Development Dept, pointed out that: “Autonomous networks are highly recognized by the standards agencies and the goal for carriers’ transformation. Huawei iMaster NCE, an FBB-oriented intelligent management and control system, focuses on 5G and F5G value scenarios and gradually implements automatic, self-healing, and self-optimized autonomous networks. iMaster NCE guarantees optimal SLA before, during, and after sales. Furthermore, it utilizes AI and big data technologies to implement proactive O&M, which translates into higher O&M efficiency and better network operation quality.”

Premium networks open up brand new opportunities for carriers. Let’s work together to seize these opportunities, and create a better digital world that delivers value for all.


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