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Wireless Earbuds for Endless Joy: Mixcder G1 True Wireless Stereo Gaming Earbuds, Designed for Console Players

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- NEW YORK, June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Mixcder, an audio brand that integrates both technology and art into its design, has recently launched the much-anticipated G1 True Wireless Stereo (TWS) gaming earbuds, complete with an integrated USB-C adapter. These earbuds are the brand's latest game-changer specially designed to create a completely wireless, portable listening and immersive gaming experience for console players using Switch, Switch Lite, PS4 and PS5, as well as other popular gaming devices.


David Wu, CEO of Mixcder said, "We noticed a steady flow of feedback from console players about the difficulty finding portable wireless headphones on the market specifically for gaming consoles. Most wireless adapters currently available are sold separately and lack integration with headphones, which massively reduces convenience and portability not to mention the cumbersome connection process. After listening carefully to our customer's needs and suggestions, our Mixcder market research, product development and production teams started to work as fast as possible on a solution and we are confident the new G1 TWS earbuds will solve this and other pain points for console gamers everywhere."

The G1's super-low latency rate and extra comfortable semi-in-ear design give gamers an extreme crystal-clear audio experience, allowing them to hear every shot, footstep and musical detail. The battery supports up to 5 hours of playtime, 20 hours with the charging case, and a one-hour charging time for the earbuds.

They can be used autonomously or together with the adapter, which automatically prioritizes pairing the Mixcder G1 earbuds first and can conveniently connect with other wireless devices. Another neat function, especially for playing games such as the popular Fortnite, is the real-time voice chat. A simple double-click of the multi-function button on the wireless adapter and the microphone is good to go for real-time communication.

In terms of appearance and structure, the G1 earbuds and wireless adapter nestle neatly together in the charging case, greatly improving portability. The uniquely stylish, game controller-themed charging case will hit all the right notes amongst members of the gaming community.

The G1 TWS Gaming Earbuds are currently available on Amazon and the official Mixcder website. For more information, please visit: , or contact

The current version of the G1 earbuds cannot be used with Xbox.

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