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VAPORESSO announces that it has relocated its global headquarters

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SHENZHEN, China, June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — 2020 has already proven to be an abnormal year for everyone. Even at VAPORESSO, a well-recognized vaping brand created by the world-leading atomization company SMOORE in 2015, a number of memorable moments have happened this year. The most significant one this June was when VAPORESSO relocated its global headquarters and upgraded to a refreshing new office establishment.

Holding an infinite hope for a better future, VAPORESSO moved into a brand new office building under the leadership of its parent company SMOORE. It not only symbolizes satisfaction and joy but also means taking a critical first step towards a more ambitious goal at a higher starting point. With the full support of SMOORE, VAPORESSO invested in hiring a professional interior and exterior design team to make the new office exude the spirit of the brand from the tiny details to the overall craftsmanship spirit.

As the office was designed for a vaping brand, it utilizes loads of eye-catching elements, including the brightly colored frames and railings, a spiral staircase that goes through the fifth floor to the rooftop, many colorful vintage- and pincushion-style sofas, exposed brick, and so much more, providing lots of ideal spots for photography. While the inside is colorful and fun, the building’s exterior is black and white so, when people enter and exit the building, a sharp visual contrast is created, showing different sides of VAPORESSO’s cool and unique style. The ubiquitous embellishments create a relaxed and pleasant environment, which neutralizes the dullness of the traditional office atmosphere and brings the feeling of a five-star experience to every employee working there.

After quickly adapting to the new office environment, VAPORESSO’s team has devoted themselves to the next stage of intense work. There may be many difficulties this year, but with the improved office environment, those at VAPORESSO believe that even though they have to face more challenges, those challenges can be solved eventually, letting VAPORESSO achieve its goals step by step.

Although the relocation project has come to an end, VAPORESSO’s journey has just begun from this elevated standard.


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