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SDRPY Contributes to Emergency Flood Relief in Aden

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ADEN, Yemen, April 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY) yesterday responded to a distress call from the Yemeni government and began providing assistance to relieve Aden Governorate and rescue Yemeni citizens from flooding caused by torrential rains.


Teams from SDRPY began work early in the day, implementing urgent measures to drain floodwater and open the main roads. Further work teams opened the Aqaba Road and the link between the Crater District and Al-Mualla District after the floods caused its closure. These work teams removed large quantities of water from the power stations in Mansoura, the stadium, Chinaz, and Hajif, as well as Block 80 in Mansoura, and also re-opened a number of damaged roads, including the Shoula Road and the Sheikh Ishaq Road, and carried out several other urgent interventions in Hafoun.

SDRPY has helped prepare action plans to implement urgent interventions to assist the people of Aden in overcoming the consequences of the floodwater and torrential rains in various locations, including in Tawahi, Al-Mualla and the Crater District; Bir Ahmed Camp, Hosh Al-Majari Camp, the Saudi Agricultural Institute Camp, Ammar bin Yasser Camp and Hosh Othman Camp; the Al-Hamra highway and the main streets in Al-Mualla and Shabatt.

Alongside this, SDRPY is intensifying its efforts to alleviate the suffering of the people of Aden Governorate by providing waste transport and bulldozer equipment, water withdrawal tanks and water displacement mechanisms. All of these efforts have been undertaken in partnership with the local council, the Cleaning Fund and civil society organizations in the temporary capital of Aden. It is worth noting that SDRPY always works to harness its capabilities to mitigate the damage caused by the floods and torrential rains that Aden is subject to from time to time.

This comes as SDRPY continues its "Beautiful Aden" campaign for cleaning and sanitation, which has just completed its fourth week. More than 300 participants, 12 field monitors, 80 participants from civil society organizations and 40 participants from local farms have taken part in the campaign's activities. The hygiene and environmental sanitation teams are continuing this work, seeking to improve the level of public health and preventive measures in the province, and to reduce environmental and health hazards to which the governorate has been exposed.

The hygiene and environmental sanitation campaign includes 10 districts in 8 directorates: Sheikh Othman, Mansoura (Abdel Aziz), Mansoura (Cairo), Dar Saad, Inma and Al Shaab, Brega, Khormaksar, Al Mualla, Al Tawahi and the Crater District, and works in cooperation with the Cleaning Fund in Aden.

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