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CCTV+: Exhibition hall serves as important carrier of intangible cultural heritage in China’s Shaanxi Province

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BEIJING, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The exhibition hall for intangible cultural heritage in Suide, a county in northwest China’sShaanxi Province, serves as an important carrier for culture created by ancestors and passed down generation after generation.

The exhibition hall, covering 5,123 square meters, houses three state-level intangible cultural heritage items and eight provincial-level intangible cultural heritage items. Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the exhibition hall on 14th Sep.

Stone carving has a history of more than 2,000 years in Suide. The stone carving skill is an art that serves as a root of the people in Suide and by which the people in Suide live. It manifests in the remarkable talents and artistic creativity of the Suide people.

Suimi suona, a part of the folk art — Shaanbei suona, reflects the way of living and culture psychology of people in northern Shaanxi. It has been a part of their life for generations.

Yangko, popular in northern Shaanxi, is a traditional dance that enjoys wide popularity. It is a branch of traditional dance of the Han people. The yangko in northern Shaanxi mirrors honesty and optimism among the people of northern Shaanxi. It has a great historical and cultural value.

To well protect, inherit and make good use of these precious treasures is a shared responsibility, and is of vital importance to the continuity of human civilization and the sustainable development of the world.

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