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Ascensia Diabetes Care Showcases The Crucial Support Nurses Provide People With Diabetes To Celebrate World Diabetes Day 2020

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BASEL, Switzerland, Nov. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ascensia Diabetes Care, a leading global diabetes care company and maker of the CONTOUR® range of blood glucose monitoring systems, is tomorrow celebrating the crucial role that nurses play in helping people manage their diabetes, as part of World Diabetes Day 2020. This campaign is designed to support the official theme, Nurses Make the Difference, which has been established by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

Ascensia’s activities this year focus on thanking nurses for their tremendous efforts to help people with diabetes live their lives. In total, 28 people with diabetes (PWDs) from across the globe wrote letters to their nurses to express their appreciation and gratitude. These letters have been captured through emotive videos highlighting how nurses have guided, coached and supported them emotionally and physically throughout their diabetes journeys.

The campaign aims to reinforce the key role that nurses play in many areas of diabetes from diagnosis and prevention through to the management of the condition. These inspirational videos show how nurses have enabled and empowered PWDs to self-manage their condition, and do tasks that people without diabetes take for granted such as counting carbohydrates, calculating and giving insulin, monitoring blood glucose levels and using new technology to make it easier to live life to the full. It is also not just about the medical elements of diabetes management where nurses play a role, they are also crucial in recognizing and providing guidance to navigate through the emotional and mental impact that many people with diabetes and their families experience.

Rob Schumm, President of Ascensia Diabetes Care, explained: “According to figures from the IDF, around 9% of the world’s adult population has diabetes, many of whom primarily self-manage their condition. Nurses are often the first and sometimes the only healthcare professional that they see in relation to their diabetes. This reinforces the critical role they play and the positive impact they can have for a person with diabetes.

“The videos really demonstrate that nurses hold a special place in the hearts of those they have helped. Particularly in those early interactions immediately after diagnosis, which for many can be life changing. What’s striking is, for many participating in this campaign their nurses have remained by their sides from the outset to the present day, helping them navigate the maze that is diabetes. Without this support, many people with diabetes would have struggled.

“In fact, the idea for this campaign came from an employee who shared how much he wished he could thank the nurse who supported him immediately after his type 1 diabetes diagnosis aged 13. He talked passionately about how tough the early days were and how thanks to his nurse’s determination he was able to play in an important soccer match the day after his diagnosis. Years after his diagnosis, his nurse was still supporting him and his family through their journey with diabetes. All this with a smile. We were moved by his story and realized that there must be many more stories out there that should be shared.”

To help us and all those living with diabetes say thank you to the nurses around the world who collectively help and empower them, and show your support for World Diabetes Day, please like, share or react to the inspiring stories in our campaign by visiting the Ascensia Diabetes Care Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube social media channels. All 25 videos can be found on Ascensia’s website at (available from 10:00PM CET, November 13, 2020).

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