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Bingbon Integrates with TradingView, Becomes the Latest Broker on TradingView Platform

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SINGAPORE, Sept. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bingbon, which prides itself as a world class Crypto Social Trading platform, is pleased to announce that it has provided broker access to TradingView, a globally renowned market analysis community platform.

Founded in 2011, TradingView provides over 30 million monthly daily active users with advanced financial visualization tools and comprehensive market data.

How this works is that Bingbon integrates its brokerage into the TradingView Web Platform through a powerful API, which can help Bingbon find new users in a large, targeted audience.

Trading View’s users can then log into their brokerage accounts (or open a new one if needed), receive broker’s streaming data and send orders directly to the broker. Becoming a supported brokerage shortens the path the user to open an account and place trades. This strategic approach attracts investors while building a stronger crypto community for both parties.

As a rapidly emerging cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, Bingbon is enriching its crypto social trading platform ecology by working with more powerful global companies and communities.

Partnering with TradingView carries several promising benefits for Bingbon users and will further simplify the trading and strategy-refining process for traders, with greater access to powerful technology and active trading communities. Moreover, the integration enables Bingbon users to manage their trades directly through TradingView, making it easier for them to research, develop investment strategies, share, and view trading ideas.

Previously, Bingbon completed chart data docking with TradingView which includes various charting tools, indicators, and overlays. Bingbon’s user are permitted check the trading charts of all Bingbon contract trading pairs via TradingView. Bingbon provides an efficient, well laid out and simple user interface on desktop and mobile devices for trading the crypto markets.

Deeper collaboration with TradingView, means that Bingbon can enhance user experience like never. Users will have the necessary resources to make smarter and better-informed financial decisions.

“Bingbon’s market data has been online on TradingView for a year now.  This year, Bingbon has successively obtained regulatory licenses such as AUSTRAC, which gives us more confidence in the launch of trading integration to provide users with a better trading environment and experience. We look forward to more cooperation projects between Bingbon and TradingView in the future.” – Growth Director of Greater China at TradingView, Mark Ting.

Bingbon’s exploration into TradingView’s brokers services will help them build an open, transparent, and trusted trading community to attract more brokers and traders as part of its ecosystem. Top brokers on TradingView will bring greater transparency and trading experience to Bingbon. Brokers with access to TradingView include AMP, Gemini, Alpaca and FXCM, among others.

“Working with TradingView is a distinct pleasure of ours. They will help us transform our social trading exchange into a world class playground for traders. Further collaboration with TradingView will help Bingbon grow its network of investors and traders on the platform.” – Communications and Partnership Manager at Bingbon, Elvisco Carrington


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