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Harbour City, Hong Kong Introduces “Christmas Every Day” decorations and online activities

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HONG KONG, Dec. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Christmas display and festive atmosphere in Hong Kong is one of best in Asia. Harbour City is the largest and most diverse shopping mall in Hong Kong, with its splendid, large-scale decorations and series of festive activities, it is a must-visit destination every Christmas.

This year’s theme of Harbour City is “Christmas Every Day” creating a series of festive hotspots around every corner. In addition, Harbour City has prepared unique online activities to celebrate with everyone in Hong Kong and overseas.

Visitors join the Virtual Tour & Check–in

Harbour City has moved parts of its Christmas installations to more a spacious outdoor viewing deck, “Ocean Terminal Deck” which transforms into a “Christmas Lighting Garden” and “Christmas Camp Fire” while the main entrance of the mall becomes a “Beary Christmas Shop”. Here, people can raise funds for Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation (HKBCF). What’s more, people can take a selfie at the “Finland Boarding Gate” and enjoy “Christmas Lighting & Music Show” with the amazing Hong Kong skyline as a backdrop in Ocean Terminal Deck.

Dutch artist Eva Cremers has designed several 3D Christmas characters, and two photo hotspots inside the mall – “School Hall” and “Club’s Activity Room”. The characters are a group of students who dress up as monsters, form the “Christmas Club”, and raise funds for HKBCF.

For those unable to visit in person can have the Virtual Tour & Check-in around the decorations. Simply choose the selected 12 Christmas Photo Hotspots, paste their selfies with their loved ones onto the photos, and share on social media.(

Online Interactive Colouring game and Santa Meet & Greet

People can re-colour the “Monster Friends” by Eva online (, see all the new “Monsters” becoming 3D, and interact with others live! Also, the dream of meeting Santa will come true online!

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