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PHBS Holds 2020 Commencement

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SHENZHEN, China, June 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Spring has been particularly stressful this year for graduating students due to challenges and pressure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet to provide as much of a sense of normalcy as possible during these trying times, Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) held its 2020 commencement on June 3 and June 6. Over 500 students graduated this year, including 319 MA students (30 international students), 139 MBA students and 102 EMBA students, but many were unable to return to the campus for the ceremony.

MA graduate Zhang Zhiwei spoke of the three-year study at PHBS. She said that though facing many challenges, students were well prepared to step out of the ivory tower and contribute to society. She hoped that with an open mindset, graduates could embrace uncertainty and pursue a bright future.

International graduate Jackson Alfredo Collantes Huacon reflected on his journey intertwined with PHBS, including the many challenges, experiencing Chinese culture, and making meaningful connections. EMBA graduate Huang Duanquan and MBA graduate Jin Heming spoke of their cherished moments at PHBS, and long-standing relations with classmates.

Via video, Bai Yansong, CCTV host, elaborated on the importance of core strength, lifelong learning, optimism, and curiosity. He held that in the era of uncertainty, graduates should adapt to changes and try to be indispensable and needed by the society. He further remarked that graduates should learn to face seemingly dull days, cope with triviality and make progress gradually, which could add up to big difference in life.

Professor Li Di noted the twists and turns of the past year, including trade friction, employment pressure, and the global epidemic. He urged graduates to have confidence and regard the difficulties as a grindstone to sharpen your skills. He concluded by encouraging graduates to live up to the school motto as future leaders of “vision, wisdom and responsibility.”

Dean Hai Wen wrapped up by highlighting the importance of “looking toward the sun,” especially in turbulent times of the global epidemic and economic disturbances. He described the sun as the symbol of brightness, warmth, energy and hope. He hoped all the graduates have a “sun in heart,” using wisdom and courage to “disperse the mist and bring sunshine to the world.”

Closing the ceremony with Dean Hai officiating, professors Ouyang Liangyi and Chu Chia-Shang honored the Outstanding Graduates of 2020.


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