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Risen Energy wins EcoVadis bronze rating for its commitment to green and sustainable development

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NINGBO, China, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Risen Energy recently received a bronze rating from France-based EcoVadis for its superior performance. The company has long been committed to sustainable development as the guiding principle for its social responsibility efforts while also being actively engaged in the establishment of a global green and sustainable ecosystem, setting a benchmark for the industry’s next stage of development.

EcoVadis is an international certification system with high credibility, which has been widely accepted and recognized by the Fortune Global 500 as well as by all of Risen Energy’s multinational and high-end customers. The certification, specifically designed for system platforms built by international supply chain management organizations, covers all corporate governance programs in business operations except for quality, and makes a systematic evaluation in terms of the organization’s overall structure, environment, labor and human rights, business integrity and sustainable procurement.

Making sustainability a part of the overall strategy

Risen Energy has consistently achieved sustainability milestones, with its lineup of products having obtained TÜV, CE, UL, GS, ROHS, REACH, PAHS and other international certifications. The company was recently awarded the carbon footprint certification in France and the fire protection certification in Italy. Risen Energy has significantly optimized its carbon footprint and continuously reduced carbon emissions from production and procurement to the full lifecycle, while maintaining high efficiency and high yields. In addition, the company joined the United Nations Global Compact this year, achieving compliance with its stringent requirements for internal management and commitment to sustainable development.

Green and environment-friendly production

Risen Energy has always administered environmentally-responsible production in order to achieve sustainability. Leveraging its leadership in terms of technologies and products, the company is often involved in construction and photovoltaic integrated roof projects that facilitate energy saving and emission reduction. Risen Energy is also continuously optimizing its internal resources usage through a bundle of measures, including a unified water supply, technological upgrades, and the control of greenhouse gas emissions, as part of a growing global consensus of the need to transition to green energies.

Risen Energy has also set a pollution control goal of 100% standardized emissions in a move to engage in scientific management of pollutants and wastes. The recoverable wastes will be collectively disposed of by specialized suppliers for recycling according to applicable laws and regulations. By making sure not to miss any detail in the proper handling of wastes and consistently adhering to a modus operandi of sustainable development, Risen Energy has been successful in building an environment-friendly company.

Putting people first to protect their rights and interests

Risen Energy has made a long-term planning for systematic and standardized operations an important goal since its inception, and has developed multi-system general management guidelines based on international certification standards, in a move to maximize the protection of the health and safety of its employees. These guidelines include, but are not limited to, anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, anti-forced labor, resolutely not using child labor, safeguarding the rights of free assembly and collective bargaining, protecting the privacy of its employees, making reasonable arrangement of working hours, and establishing stringent regulations and policies to protect the legitimate rights and interests of its employees.

In order to further encourage internal progress and create a corporate culture that recruits and retains the most talented and motivated employees, the company has established a welfare incentive system that addresses issues of most concern to its employees while providing a fun and easy-to-navigate environment in the workplace. With a focus on inspiring each and every employee to always want to do their best, Risen Energy offers opportunities for professional development while fostering the motivation of its workforce through periodic internal training programs and frequent review of job titles with a constant view towards career advancement.

Compliance-based, integrity-driven management

Risen Energy has built a corporate system that lives by the mantra that “promises must be kept and actions must be resolute” while expecting its employees to “pursue excellence with integrity”. The company has established a set of guidelines which are part of the training program required for every new hire. Notably, Risen Energy has always emphasized that what is taught in the program is meant to simply meet the minimum criteria for acceptable business conduct and ethics, and that everyone is expected to work together to form and live by a higher set of standards that are fully implemented across-the-board, building trust and delivering best-in-quality services to the market.

Green tracing for sustainable procurement

Risen Energy rigorously abides by all applicable laws and regulations on restricted substances and chemicals, requiring all of their raw material suppliers to provide RoHS and REACH test certificates for their products and to make sure their final products have been tested by authoritative third parties, ensuring that they are in no way harmful to the human body and the environment. The company has tailored programmed packaging instructions for different products, in a move to reduce the loss of packaging materials and increase the recycling rate in the standardized processes of packaging, loading and unloading, transportation, and disassembly.COPYRIGHT LASICILIA.IT © RIPRODUZIONE RISERVATA

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